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Teliris InfiNET


Teliris InfiNET is the global network backbone supporting our cloud-based Lentaris platform, allowing any endpoint, anywhere to access video managed services and multipoint video as a service. 


InfiNET seamlessly integrates a wide array of networking options including high quality QoS-based networks, low-cost general-purpose networks, customer-owned networks and the internet. Whether around the corner or across the world, InfiNET delivers a broad set of cost effective, secure, reliable, fully managed, connectivity solutions for its market leading telepresence products with broad interconnectivity to and interoperability with other video collaboration endpoints


Teliris’ global exchange is engineered specifically for multipoint video and, through Lentaris, interconnects dissimilar systems, allowing telepresence, traditional videoconferencing and UC ecoystems to interact.


Teliris InfiNET delivers the highest quality connectivity wrapped with a 24×7 end-to-end fully managed service for ultimate security and reliability including detailed monitoring, analysis and management.